Relationship Coaching with Jennifer Morrison

“What shape waits in the seed of you to grow 
and spread its branches against a future sky?”
David Whyte  


I love to learn. And I find that relationships provide one of the richest contexts I know of for learning - about communication, conflict, individual needs and wants, myself and another, how we operate and navigate life together, and ultimately, about being human and what love really is.

Through years of practice in the realms of dance, yoga, meditation, and now relationships, I've seen every day how discipline and commitment yield a certain steadiness and build a foundation for growth and learning to be embodied. It's tangible! And transformational. I believe that anyone willing to do the work can reap the rewards. Anyone.


I began my coaching education following two marriages that ended, at a time of not knowing whether to stay or leave another relationship, and it was a shift in my perspective and implementing the practical tools that helped me get clear. I left. Since then it’s been a rich road navigating relational challenges and rewards while gaining clarity and confidence along the way.


It’s my desire for others to know that a mutual, reciprocal relationship is possible. And not only that… relationships are actually a place where we can heal and thrive! From a-ha moments to deep vulnerability and tenderness, I want to experience, witness and listen to it all. 

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I have been working with Jayson Gaddis since 2014 and continue to learn while supporting others to acquire, practice, and apply relationship skills in their lives. I currently offer individual and couples sessions, as well as supervision sessions for coaches and coaches-in-training.

Living in Boulder, CO amidst the mountains and trees provides a sense of spaciousness, where I persevere and pursue my own expansion - within, and with others. 


I look forward to beginning and diving in with you.



I believe that living a deeply fulfilling life is possible - with effort, willingness, curiosity, commitment, and time. Holding the view that love equals both support and challenge, the capacity to experience love expands. Relationships reveal this to us daily. Along with the bliss comes the discomfort, there are times of ease as well as struggle. This is the dance, full of pleasure and pain. How can we use the pain and see it as an opportunity, a beginning, a place to learn, to grow, to heal? How can we plant our own seeds, tend to them, and create forests of magnificent relationships?

This is the journey that inspires me. And I'd like to hear about yours.

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I currently offer sessions for individuals and couples, as well as coaching supervision sessions at a variety of time increments.

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"The trees are whispering to me, reminding me of my  

roots, and my reach... shhhhhh... can you hear them?

Jeb Dickerson    



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