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Do you want to feel stronger and more flexible in your body... and mind?

Would you like to find better posture and mobility while reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and cultivating mindfulness?

Imagine breathing easier, more deeply, more fully and receiving that nourishment in your body, and soul. 

Join me in a process of transformation through an exploration of breath and posture, stillness and movement, sensation and listening, and more... See what's already here – and what's possible!

Alchemy Yoga

Rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa/Mysore tradition

Born from a desire to share the infinite gifts of yoga... with everyone. 


All bodies and levels welcome, from novice to seasoned practitioner. You are encouraged to come regularly in order to establish a rhythm and gradually build upon what you are learning and cultivate the connection within yourself, your life, and with others.

Offering Guided, Mysore, Yoga Therapy, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Private Instruction

CURRENT SPRING SCHEDULE (effective through June 2nd)


GUIDED @8:15-9:30am (all levels)

RESTORATIVE @5:30-6:45pm (all levels)


MYSORE* @6:30-8am (all levels; arrive between 6:30-7:15am)

*Flexible start and finish times as needed to accommodate your schedule


GUIDED @8-9:30am (more vigorous)

Drop Ins welcome and based on space available

Ashtanga + Mysore Practice

Ashtanga Yoga & Mysore Practice

A dynamic synchronization of movement and breath

Ashtanga Yoga is the source of Vinyasa and a unique system of practice based on a specific series of postures traditionally learned in the Mysore-style class. This lineage and potent system works beyond gaining strength and flexibility to access one's energy and life force (prana) and improve clarity of mind, while cultivating a meditative awareness and observation of whatever arises, moment by moment and breath by breath.

Mysore is a city in southern India where Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga originated and is still traditionally practiced. Mysore Practice offers the most progressive way for students to learn by combining group energy, individual intention and commitment, and supportive hands-on adjustments in a safe, self-paced environment that fosters encouragement and independence for all levels, from those with no prior yoga exposure, to beginners, to experienced practitioners. Each student is taught and supported by the teacher according to their level and progresses as the sequence of postures becomes more familiar and the breath, endurance, and awareness develop. Variations and therapeutics can be learned to make poses more accessible and user friendly. This unique combination of guidance and independence offers an excellent opportunity to cultivate a practice that can slowly build… and last a lifetime. NOTE: For Mysore classes, you do not have to come for the entire class time. Instead, you have the flexibility to begin and end your practice as it suits your schedule, and I will be there to guide you individually and offer specific adjustments during your practice.

Class Descriptions

Current Class Offerings

Guided  I  Mysore  I  Restorative

Guided: In these classes you will learn and explore the Ashtanga postures, sequencing, and fundamentals while building a foundation of practice. Breathing and moving as a group, you will also explore variations of postures and themes to access deeper layers, physically and mentally, and beyond.

Mysore: For everyone! Regardless of age, experience, or ability, this supported class offers individual, specific instruction and adjustments as you move at your own pace to the rhythm of your own breath alongside others doing the same. It's like having a private lesson in a group! Do not worry if the sequence is not yet familiar, the teacher will convey everything you need to know at your first class. And all subsequent classes will allow you to build upon your previous experience with more and more postures included as your strength, stamina, mobility, and focus become established. All you need to start: curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to learn. Restorative: Restorative Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that offers body, heart and mind a respite from the day-to-day obligations and responsibilities. The body rests in poses supported by props to unravel layers of tension, while awareness is drawn to intentional breath to ultimately bring a sense of quiet to the mind. Benefits include deep relaxation, mental clarity, improved sleep, pain relief and increased flexibility. This practice is appropriate and accessible for all students. • Guided: Tuesdays 8:15-9:30am + Sundays 8-9:30am • Mysore:Thursdays 6:30-8am • Restorative: Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm

Special Monthly Classes

Special Monthly Class Offerings

Guided Ashtanga + Chai

Special Guided + Chai: The traditional sequence of postures linked by the breath shapes this practice intended to strengthen, open, and heal the body while focusing and steadying the mind. Afterwards, stay for chai and time to gather, share insights or curiosities, and ask questions.


NOTE: This class is not appropriate for those brand new to yoga. If you have attended any classes with me previously, you are welcome to participate. Please inquire if you are unsure about joining. 

Registration required to join.

Check the Class Calendar for dates. $20 to drop in.

Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy

Improving overall health and personal wellbeing

Movement Therapy is a way to empower your own healing. By utilizing all of the tools of yoga – postures, breathing, mindfulness, and rest – along with other structural, mobility, and integrative exercises, you can prevent and address long-standing conditions and issues, as well as acute injuries. Feeling better physically results in less stress and anxiety, more calm and vitality.

Sessions are usually private or semi-private and generally include a combination of supported and active movements and stretches designed to bring relief. The therapy is a gentle practice tailored to each person and their specific situation. Ease pain, increase your strength and flexibility, reduce risk of injury, restore balance, expand range of movement and awareness, and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing while tending to yourself, physically… and beyond. Sessions are $60 per hour.


Yoga Privates

A customized practice session with personalized guidance

Private yoga lessons are 1:1 customized sessions to meet your personal goals based on your ability and any specific issues or desires. Privates allow you to receive individual instruction to develop more awareness of your body, address any habits or patterns, and gain a greater understanding of yoga overall.

Investing in private classes is a great way to introduce yourself to yoga if you are a beginner and feel intimidated by attending a group class. They can also support you to deepen and expand your practice, allowing you to explore new poses in a safe, mindful way. A private yoga session, or a series of privates will offer you tools and wisdom that you can utilize for life. Yoga is a lifelong journey – there is always room to grow and evolve, to explore and discover. Yoga privates are for everyone. Yoga is such a gift, and private classes can really help you along the way to make the most of every chance you step onto your mat. Sessions are $60 per hour.



A practice of stillness, radical simplicity, and rest

Meditation, or more simply a sitting practice or mindfulness, is available to everyone. No experience necessary. Once comfortably seated and sufficiently supported, you will receive some brief guidance followed by a period of silence.


It's amazing what can happen when we create space to be with ourselves in this way and let the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories have room... without needing to react or do anything about them.

Offered in conjunction with all classes.

Pricing + Details

Pricing + Details

All classes held at the Yoga For Life studio located in the Landmark Center building: 500 E Jefferson Street, Viroqua, WI. 

Please bring your own mat. Ample props are available as needed.

Classes are $15 to Drop In and based on space available.

Movement Therapy and Privates start at $60/hour.


Payment is accepted in person by Cash or Check (payable to Jennifer Morrison); or electronically via PayPal (as a friend), or Venmo (@Jennifer-Morrison-TWO-trees).

If the cost is prohibitive for you, please speak with me directly to make arrangements, so you can come and attend classes. Note on Refunds: Transparency is important to me. I will show up authentically and ready to teach and support you in your practice. Refunds will not be offered, however, we can always discuss options as needed. Thank you for understanding.

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