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To express gratitude for any and all referrals, TWO Trees offers half off of a single session, for an individual or a couple, for anyone you send my way who becomes a paying client (in other words, any offerings of free sessions do not qualify).

Thank you for your own willingness to learn and grow, and to ask for support along the relational journey. Not only is that inspiring, it also allows me to do something I love – serving and helping others!

In order to receive your recognition, when you refer an individual or a couple to TWO Trees for relationship coaching, please make sure they indicate how they heard about me and got here on their application.

If they become clients, you will receive a single session at half off. You can then add this session to a current package or use it as a stand-alone – or you can also choose to gift it to another interested friend.

If you believe you qualify for this offer, please be sure to email me directly:

To our ongoing work, together. With deep appreciation, and love.

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