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I offer reconnective sessions and experiences for individuals and couples who are interested in and committed to the exploration and education of relationship(s).


Holding the view that love equals both support and challenge, the capacity to experience love expands. Relationships reveal this to us daily. Along with the bliss comes the discomfort, there are times of ease as well as struggle. This is the dance, full of joy and pleasure – and pain.

  • How can we use the pain and see it as an opportunity, a beginning, a place to learn, to grow, to heal?

  • How can we find our way back into connection?

  • How can we value ourselves enough to make sure our needs get met – and value our relationships enough to also meet the needs of our partners?

  • How do we know when it's time to leave or end a relationship?


  • How can we plant our own seeds, tend to them, and create forests of magnificent relationships?

If you are ready to learn and grow – in yourself and your relationship(s) – and take on the work of communication, self-worth, getting clear about your wants and needs, creating connection to your own body and experience, and getting out of your own way, I can help.


I want to help.

Apply to work with me today! And, let's meet to make sure we are a good match and customize a program that works for you.

for individuals and couples.

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