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Alchemy Bodywork

“It’s not how deep you go, it’s how you go deep.” Ida Rolf

I believe the body is an access point to a whole being. Finding flow, spaciousness, and ease in the physical form impacts everything else... the animation of breath and freedom of movement become a threshold and invitation to to remember your true nature and live as your fully expressed self.


By facilitating the relationship between the human body and the experience of its environment, listening to the body’s inner voice and innate wisdom, and allowing for the body's natural organization, change of fundamental importance can happen resulting in deep and lasting health and a sense of personal wellbeing.

The backbone of my work comes from Structural Integration (The Rolf Method), which lends its wisdom of how the body moves within the field of gravity, and Craniosacral bodywork which encourages deep presence and listening, along with my own lifetime of movement, mindfulness, and devotional practices.

The healing process is unique to each person. The offering is guidance and support that is incredibly gentle, and remarkably powerful.

Contact me to book your session.

Sessions with Jennifer

After a few minutes to check in, you will lie on a massage table fully clothed.

Using light touch to connect initially, Jennifer will learn your body’s energy and determine where to begin a series of gentle holds to initiate the process of release. Moving slowly and employing the premise that less is more, as tension patterns and restrictions unwind, you may experience a feeling of deep relaxation and tranquility. The session ends with time to share anything significant and to transition.

Initial visits last 75 minutes. Return sessions last about 60-70 minutes.

Jennifer is currently accepting new clients.


  • $120 for initial session (about 75 minutes) or follow up session (ranging from 60-75 minutes)

  • $100 for regularly scheduled, ongoing sessions 

    • If you decide to continue regularly, I will prorate $20 from first session

  • $880 for a 10-session package paid in full

    • = $88 per session, a $120 savings for regular sessions

    • To be used within 4 months = an average of 2 sessions per month

Payment is collected at the time of the session. Cash, check, PayPal (as a friend) and Venmo (@Jennifer-Morrison-TWO-Trees) are accepted. If there is a need to cancel a scheduled visit, twenty-four hours notice is requested.

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