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What is Ashtanga Mysore Practice?

Mysore is a city in southern India where Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga originated and is still traditionally practiced. In this type of class students move through a self-paced practice while receiving specific verbal instruction and hands-on adjustments from the teacher. This creates an environment where students of all levels – both novice and more seasoned practitioners – practice alongside one another, allowing each student the ability to work independently, while enjoying the inspiration and energy of a group. 

Each student is taught and supported by the teacher according to their level and progresses as the sequence of postures becomes more familiar and the breath, endurance, and awareness develop. Variations and therapeutics can be learned to make poses more accessible and user friendly.


This unique combination of guidance and independence offers an excellent opportunity to cultivate a practice that can slowly build over a lifetime. Do not worry if the sequence is not yet familiar, the teacher will convey everything you need to know at your first class. And all subsequent classes will allow you to build upon your previous experience with more and more postures included as your strength, stamina, mobility, and focus become established.


All you need to start: curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to learn.

*NOTE: For Mysore classes, you do not have to come for the entire two hours. Instead, you have the flexibility to begin and end your practice as it suits your schedule, and I will be there to guide you individually and offer specific adjustments.

More About Mysore

A process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Contact Jennifer via email at for more information or with any questions or concerns you may have.

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