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Alchemy Yoga

Rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa/Mysore tradition

Join me in a process of transformation through an exploration of breath and posture, stillness and movement, sensation and listening, and more... See what's already here – and what's possible!

Ashtanga Yoga is the source of Vinyasa and a unique system of practice based on a specific series of postures usually learned in the Mysore-style tradition. This method offers the most progressive way to practice by combining group energy, individual intention and commitment, and supportive hands-on adjustments in a safe, self-paced environment that fosters encouragement and independence for all levels, from those with no prior yoga exposure, to beginners, to experienced practitioners.

This lineage and potent system of daily practice works beyond cultivating strength and flexibility, to improve clarity of mind and a meditative awareness to observe circumstances as they arise, moment by moment and breath by breath. 


Current Class Offerings...

Ongoing 2023 classes:


Payment options...

  • $15 to Drop In

  • $120 for a 10-Class Pass (used within 3 months)

  • Pay via PayPal (as a friend) or Venmo (@Jennifer-Morrison-TWO-Trees)

Jennifer's journey...

I came to yoga through the recommendation of a friend in 1993, and after a three-week intro course, I was hooked. I found it a wonderful companion to the dance forms I was already involved in and was drawn to how potent and mysteriously infinite it seemed (and still does!).


In 1996, at a studio weekend workshop, I was introduced to the formal form of Ashtanga Vinyasa/Mysore. It felt like dancing on the mat to me, like a wonderful integration and a way home. I have been practicing now for 26 years and have used the practice to heal my body from several injuries and ailments along the way while observing a shift in my perspective, even a little bit, gradually forging new, healthier thought patterns.


I came to teaching at the encouragement and request of my teacher, in the lineage tradition, in 2000. I have traveled to India, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as many cities around the US to practice with renown teachers, as well as assist, and I opened and ran studio 72, my own yoga studio in Portland, ME from 2010-17. 


I have worked with people who are complete beginners to long term, dedicated practitioners, from privates to intimate groups to classes of 50 students. My preference is the Mysore style where I get to work individually with each student in a group setting, so students have the support of a teacher alongside the group energy and motivation. This cultivates independence, an internal resource, and incredible self-attunement. I also enjoy guiding Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra experiences, which can help people reset their nervous systems, especially in our fast-paced lives and world. 


In addition to yoga instruction, I’m also a Relationship and Embodiment Coach (since 2016), a Certified Structural Integration practitioner (since 2002) and Butoh performance artist (since 1995). All serve to influence and inform the way I see individual bodies and movement patterns. I love and value applying yoga therapeutically to help people learn, grow, and heal on all levels – physically, psychologically, emotionally... body, mind, spirit and being."


It is an incredible joy for me to share the infinite benefits and gifts yoga offers with so many, and I'm excited to re-emerge from the online isolation and be with students again in real space and time. 


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